As some readers of this may know the Hoist the Jolly Roger rules have been on sale now for 6 months. Since the review in Wargames Illustrated I have received a couple of enquiries about the full set of cards as used in the participation game we have run at the Shows.

When we were preparing the rules for publication we quickly realised that the cards were going to be a problem. Over the 12 months in which we had run the game the event card deck had expanded to over 200 cards with over 70 different events. Some of these were specifically keyed to terrain effects which new players may not have access to, e.g. the volcano. So we reduced the card mix for the published game and removed some events. Further by adopting the mix of 2 events, one land based and one sea based, for each card we could incorporate 58 events in 72 cards. Otherwise the card listings would have been longer than the rules!!

In response to the enquiries the following is a listing of all those events which did not make it into the published copy and the rules change needed to make use of some of the events. The numbers in brackets after the card title show how many of these cards are present in our deck.

I hope everyone has as much fun with these as we did.

Neil Morris


The volcano becomes active. Umpires will position D6 native stands near the volcano, who will look for sacrifices to appease the volcano god.

Can be Played Anytime

The native stands are placed at the foot of the volcano. As they are actively looking for sacrifices add 1 to all reaction rolls related to sighting landing parties. Do not add the bonus to rolls when fired upon.


Can only be played if the volcano is already active A lava flow blocks the trench on the island for the remainder of the game. No stands may cross. Any stands in the trench when this card is played dice per stand to determine which side they climb out on

Can be Played Anytime

This card can only be played after the card Volcano active has been played. The instant the card is played the effects described are put into effect. All stands in the trench from the volcano are affected by the lava flow and must dice to see which side they are placed on. Odds - they are on the Left side , evens - the right side. Command control limits are not used to determine where the crew stands are placed and the lava flow prevents all movement across it for the remainder of the game.


To play this card there must be a landing party on Ben Gunn's island. The Pirate must make ability roll to befriend - otherwise Ben Gunn will act as a native stand and attack. If befriended the Player draws one treasure card

Can be Played Anytime

This card requires that a cave is placed on the table as Ben Gunns cave and a special stand is used to designate Ben Gunn. Ben fights as a normal crew stand with a combat value of 3D in Hand to Hand combat and may fire at range as for an armed crew stand. If the ability roll fails then Ben's reactions are determined as for a native stand and he may attack in association with native stands or another Captains stands. Once the Captain who played this card has left the island Ben is removed from play.


A whale is sighted and placed on the board within 36" of the ship.

The whale moves randomly and may attack any ship in its path.

Must be played before NPC movement phase

This event requires a whale model which is placed at the designated point. The whale can only be shot at by swivel gunners and will leave if it takes a crew hit or 3 points or more of 'hull' damage. Otherwise the whale will move randomly each turn causing one hit on the FRT each time it contacts a ship. Only hull hits count for the purposes of determining damage from the whale. If the whale moves off the table it does not return.

The whale moves 9" per turn and will move according to this random movement chart


The flying Dutchman appears and sails across the board. Any ship within sighting distance must have its Captain, or First Mate make an ability roll or lose a turnCan be Played Anytime

When this is event is played the Umpires must dice to determine where on the table the Flying Dutchman appears. The ship will follow a straight line path from the point where it appears to the opposite side of the table. Any ships within 36" of either side of this path and with a clear Line of Sight will see the ship and must have its Captain make an Ability roll or lose its turn. If the ship has already acted this turn then there is no effect.


Your scout spots a blockage to the trail 9" from the landing party.

Umpire will place on table.

The blockage can be removed by a shortcut card.

Can be Played Anytime

The blockage should be placed on the island in front of the landing party on which it is played. The blockage can be moved around using normal movement rules.


A short cut is located. The effect of a trail blocked card is cancelled.

Can be Played Anytime

This card will cancel the effect of a timber card played in that same turn - if the card is played immediately after the timber card then the affected landing party may move as normal. Any blockages played as a result of a Trail Blocked card are removed from play by this card.


The stockade is found and Doc and Jim are rescued and join the crew as non-combatents. The Doc has a +1 bonus to surgeon rolls

Can only be played when a landing party enters the stockade.

Can be Played Anytime

The stockade is placed on one island at the start of the game normally unoccupied. When this card is played figures representing Doc and Jim the cabin boy are placed there. The first landing party to reach the stockade may recruit the pair as additional crew stands subject to the usual command rolls and space on the jolly boat. Doc gains a special bonus of +1 to die rolls for surgeon checks. Thus Doc will save crew stands on a 5 or 6.


The squire and 1 stand of armed crew are placed in the stockade. They will defend it against all comers. Cannot be played when there is a landing party in the stockade.

The Squire acts as an armed stand with a fighting ability of 2 dice, 2 hits and a saving roll of 5 or 6.


For the remainder of the turn all movement and combat ranges are halved and jolly boats may not launch from the ship or shore. Applies to all ships Can be Played Anytime

This card can be played as an interrupt card and remain in effect for the remaining portion of the turn. All effects are applied to all players for this period.


2 native war canoes are sighted at the table edge and within 36" of the sighting ship. Roll for reaction to any ship sighted.

Can be Played Anytime
When this card is played the Umpire immediately places 2 native war canoes on the table edge within 36" of the nominated ship. Each of the war canoes should have a D6 stands on board. The war canoes remain in play for the remainder of the game or until they withdraw and dice for reaction depending upon the visibility or otherwise of any landing parties or ships.


To improve discipline some of your crew receive the lash. One crew stand is lost from the ships crew. Can effect pirate ships only.

Can be Played Anytime


The ships crew are in good spirits after an entertaining show by prisoners. Add 1 to repair and surgeon rolls this turn only. Affects pirate ships only.

Must be played in an action phase.


The trail ahead of your landing party is blocked. The landing party cannot move this turn as they clear the obstacle. The landing party can move normally next turn or if a short cut card is played.

Must be played in a movement phase.


This card can only be played on a non-player ship with Hull damage. The ship will surrender to the first Pirate ship to successfully grapple.

Can be Played Anytime


The crew morale has been fortified with an extra ration of rum. The effect of a strike card is cancelled.

Can be Played Anytime


Effective use of crew to repair the ship automatically repairs 1 mast hit or 1 cannon hit.

Must be used in an Action Phase.

Rules Changes

The following sections of the rules are amended as follows to allow for the extra figure types. This mainly applies to the use of native war canoes and the stockade.


These rules also apply to jolly boats or native war canoes that wish to attempt a boarding action. The jolly boat or war canoe must make a grapple roll for an officer on board, or a 5 or 6 if no officer is present. All crew in a war canoe or Jolly Boat are assumed to be on deck for these purposes.

10) Firing

The exception to hits being applied to a group occurs where one stand occupies a trail or the entrance to the Stockade. In this circumstance only the first stand can fire or take loses. In this situation a Captain or First Mate cannot take any hits unless they are the first stand occupying the trail or Stockade. As the first stand is the only stand that can take casualties, if more than one hit is scored this is not transferred to the other stands in the group.

Firing at the stockade:

Ship's cannons firing at crew stands within the stockade roll as normal to determine the number of successful hits. For each successful hit rolled for on the FRT only apply those hits that affect crew or character stands. As for fighting on a trail, only the crew stand at the entrance can receive fire from stands outside the stockade.

Landing parties wishing to fire at the stockade may only fire at a stand defending the entrance to the stockade. Crew stands defending the stockade may fire out from any position to represent the effect of loop-holing the wall.

Firing at War Canoes:

War canoes will have randomly determined crew sizes of between 1 and 6 (i.e. roll a D6). The crew size is the number of hits each war canoe can take. Once all the native stands have been killed in a war canoe then it is deemed to have sunk. Each successful from a ship's cannon or swivel gun removes one native stand.

11) Hand to hand

If hand to hand fighting occurs in the stockade only stands in base to base contact are eligible to fight. Fighting over the palisade is not allowed. Therefore fighting may only take place at the stockade entrance or inside the stockade walls.

Boarding a ship from a Jolly Boat or War Canoe

It is possible to board a ship from a Jolly boat or war canoe however, the following conditions must be applied:

If a Jolly Boat is used then the Captain (not the First Mate) must be present to lead the attack - this rule does not apply to Native war canoes.

The normal boarding sequence as outlined above is followed, however the boarding crew requires a 6 to hit on the first round only. The defending crew fights as normal, i.e. a 5 or 6 to hit.

If the boarding crew win then the attacking Captain may take command of the ship if he has no ship of his own. Otherwise he gains treasure as normal and then returns to his Jolly Boat. If the boarding crew lose then the Jolly Boat and all who sail in her are lost.

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