Warmonger April 2008

MAWS members (or other clubs visiting) may remember a chap called Phil Millard who attended the club for a long while, playing mainly Warhammer, 40k and role-playing games.


A few years ago, Phil moved up to Cumbria and joined Furness Wargames Society and in 2008, invited the members of MAWS to travel up there to take part in a 1 day Warhammer 40k tournament.
After a rough, early morning and 3 hours of driving, the MAWS players were ready to take on the best that Barrow could offer.


With many interesting rules and scenarios, such as different tables having different setups and special rules, the tournament played out largely to a high standard.
As a result, MAWS 40k managed to get their first 1st place in a tournament! With other members close by.


1st – Stephen O’Neill [Tau]
5th – Jamie Eden [Necrons]
11th – Rob Fletcher [Eldar]


Post-tournament discussions with Phil caused us to initiate this tournament into an Ashes style system, with MAWS going to Barrow once a year and them returning some time towards the end of the year.
So MAWS go away victorious until October!
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