Warmonger October 2008

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The Warmonger tournament in Barrow in April was a big success, with MAWS hosting the return leg in October.
Due to a lot of Barrow players being unable to travel, only 2 players managed to make it down, meaning a daylong event with 6 players.
Everyone set up early on the Sunday morning and the games began, with each player competing for their own prize, and each adding a total amount to towards their average club score to take home the Warmonger Inter-club trophy.
And the results... 1st Place – Matt (Barrow) [Tau] 2nd Place – Ste [Tyranids] 3rd Place – Phil (Barrow) [Eldar]
In addition to the medals for these places we ran two other prizes: Best Presented Army – Marcus Young for his Ultramarine army.
And unfortunately it meant that due to placing so high, Barrow took the Ashes trophy back with them! Until 2009 that is!