Warmonger April 2009

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 Well, after losing the first official Ashes competition between Furness Wargames and MAWS, we set out on a mission to bring it back in April when travelling up to Cumbria to take part in the second Furness-hosted Warmonger.

 4 players this time travelled up; Jamie, Ste, Marcus and James ready to prise the Ashes trophy back from Furness Wargames, and have a laugh along the way.

 The Ork horde swarms across an imperial City to combat the Blood Angels.


 Blood Angels hold onto the “Emperor’s Garden” and Tyranids line up ready to devour the Ultramarines on the opposing side.

Ultramarines set up cautiously as the Tyranid horde begins to move swiftly across the table. 

Ork boyz, supported by Killa Kans go tank hunting as Space Wolves hop from their Rhinos in an attempt to stop the Green Tide.

 The Ultramarines, commanded by Team Captain Marcus, now attempt to protect the Emperor’s Garden and the last Haystack in the universe, whilst James’ Blood Angels turn on the Black Templar brethren of his opponent.

The swarms of Warmonger 2009. Hive Fleet O’Neill on the left, commanded by Ste, and the Ork Green Tide of Jamie’s on the right.


  As with the previous Ashes tournaments, it was very well run, minimal fuss and issues and everyone had a good time... especially MAWS!

Out of 12 players, MAWS players dominated the top 4, with the results as follows:

1st Place – Jamie [Orks]

2nd Place – Marcus [Ultramarines]

3rd Place – James [Blood Angels]

3rd Place – Ste [Tyranids]


James pipped Ste to a medal by having a higher Kill Points difference throughout the competition, which is an achievement in itself – outkilling a Tyranid army!

 In addition, MAWS brought home the Ashes trophy, which now has pride of place in Ste’s living room until October, when we hope to defend it against the travellers from Furness.

 To the victors go the spoils! And Burger King on the drive home!