Warlord 40,000 2008

With the long established Warlord trophy that MAWS members compete for in historical games annually, and the birth of the Flames of Warlord trophy, it was only a matter of time before the 40k players got into gear and began competing.
Being the inaugural year, we played with 6 competitors, facing off against every opponent in a league format, different opponents, different scenarios and different special rules each week in order to bring home the Warlord trophy.
Unfortunately, no one at the time decided to take any pictures, so straight onto the results:


1st Place – Mark Jones [Tau]
2nd Place – Stephen O’Neill [Tyranids]
3rd Place – Jamie Eden [Necrons]


So this year Mark takes home the Gold Medal for 2008, along with the Warlord 40,000 Trophy, until next year when everyone seeks revenge!
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