Warlord 40,000 2009


Warlord 40,000 2009 was the second outing for the Warlord trophy, run over a series of weeks with 6 competitors facing off against one another to prove they are the best 40k player at the club with a specific army.
In preparation for the Warmonger tournament, army lists were 1750 points and using adapted 40k 5th edition scenarios, and older scenarios from 4th edition brought in-line to provide 5 exciting missions.
Scenes of carnage from the Tyranid v Ork battle - Carnifex: “I’m so looooonely!”
 After winning the Warlord trophy last year, El Presidente Mark had his work cut out for him in defending it against 5 opponents this year.
 1st Place – James McDonald [Chaos Daemons]
2nd Place – Stephen O’Neill [Tyranids]
3rd Place – Mark Jones [Tau]
4th Place – Jamie Eden [Orks]
5th Place – Marcus Young [Ultramarines]
6th Place – Rob Fletcher [Imperial Guard]
  Best Presented Army – Marcus Young [Ultramarines]Most Sporting Opponent – Rob Fletcher 
  In addition, to give the league more of a tournament feel, we offered prizes for the “Best Presented” army and also, the most sporting opponent, the dreaded WOODEN SPOON
Rob Fletcher and his precious Wooden Spoon. 
Mark ‘El Presidente’ Jones bids farewell with the Bronze Medal.
Once again, a well run competition, with everyone enjoying themselves and looking forward to trying to take the Warlord trophy from James and his Daemons next year!


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