40k Tournament at Furness Wargames

Hi all,

On Saturday the 4th of April, the 40k lads (apart from Rob who couldn't make it), went up to Barrow to play the return leg of our Ashes tournament that we run with them on a bi-annual basis, the first one was last April and then we had the
return leg at Emlyn Hall last October.

In short, we proudly flew the flag for MAWS placing: Jamie (Orks) 1st,
Marcus (Space Marines) 2nd, James (Blood Angels) and Ste (Tyranids) joint
3rd, with James winning via higher Kill Points.

We also brought home with us the Ashes trophy that Barrow took from us in
it's first outing in October.

So there you have it, onward to Britcon now! Hope everyone else did well in
the BHGS Challenge and make this a good weekend for the club :)


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