Britcon 2007 Warhammer 40k Results

August 2007 marked the first major tournament that most of the 40k group at MAWS have experienced, although enjoying an excellent (if tiring) weekend of gaming.
With mixed results throughout the competition, some winning their opening game triumphantly, then going on to get trounced, others the reverse... then resulting in some MAWS v MAWS grudge matches towards the end of the competition.


The results for MAWS, as follows:
13th (Joint) – Stephen O’Neill [Tau]
13th (Joint) – Jamie Eden [Khorne Chaos Marines]
15th – Matt Priestley [Chaos Marines]
18th – Rob Fletcher [Grey Knights]


All in all, it was really well run and congratulations to everyone wherever they placed. Here’s looking forward to 2008 and a step up in form for the MAWS boys!
And remember... a Land Raider has no Underside Armour Value...
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