Britcon 2008 Warhammer 40k Results

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After last year’s outing, the 40k players of MAWS were geared up for Britcon 2008, prepping their armies from the end of Warmonger in April, unlike some people last year who decided to buy a complete new army and paint it 2 weeks before the event.
So with new armies and a new member to the tournament outings in team captain Marcus, MAWS 40k were looking to play some tough opponents.
This year, due to the awkward timing, we played with the 4th edition ruleset, to which a lot of people brought armies that had been geared towards the newer 5th edition, meaning lots of compact, extremely hard hitting forces.
So, the results:
5th – Jamie [Necrons]
7th – Ste [Tau]
8th – Marcus [Space Marines]
9th – Rob [Eldar]


There were a lot less players present this year, due to the timing of another tournament down south, but nonetheless, an improvement on the previous year.
Tyranids were once again the dominant force on the Britcon tables, followed closely by a dual Nob Biker Ork army which was incredibly nasty, just ask my Necrons...
Onward to Britcon 2009 and 40k 5th Edition, where hopefully there will be bigger Yorkshire Puddings for Rob!