MAWS Blood Bowl league 2013/14


I've just remembered I said I would send out some info on the Blood Bowl league we're looking at running this year.

I'm not an expert on Blood Bowl and this is the first time we've attempted a league so bear with me.

The plan would be as follows:

Each team follows rules for list building from the most current Living Rulebook on GW website.
Keep teams limited to those in that rulebook, although I don't want to limit people who've got cool custom teams.1 game to be played every month. This can be any time throughout the month and gives people a bit of flexibility with work/family/holidays and frees people up to play other games.
Amount of games will depend on how many people are playing. Ideally we would play each other once, then play each other again once everyone has upgraded teams.You're free to play as many friendlies in a month as you want to get the hang of the rules and your team. No results, upgrades or injuries that happen as a result of those games countAt the end of a set period of time, once everyone has played each other at least once, we will finish the league and the winners will be announced.

If anyone is interested in playing once a month, please let me know. So far there's at least 5 of us interested.

The main thing is the pitches, dice and templates etc. I've got a copy,
Adam and Graham both have boxsets but if anyone has any they can also
bring down it would help. Failing that we can make some using printouts and / or look at buying some, it just won't look as nice to play on.

Let me know who is interested, when you can make it and we're looking to start playing the first round of games in May.

I'll have a MAWS League rules typed up properly when I know how many people are playing.


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