Field of Glory Bootcamp Report

Field of Glory Bootcamp

On November 9th Manchester Area Wargames Society (MAWS) held their first bootcamp for the Field Of Glory ruleset.

At our club at Emlyn Hall, Emlyn St, Walkden, Manchester.The trainers at Bootcamp were James (hammy) Hamilton, Phil Powell and Dave Ruddock all  BHGS top ranking FoG players.

They started with a general talk introducing Fog to the players and then demonstrated different armies and how to place terrain. While this was going on me and the Mrs were making hot drinks for the weary travellers and our intrepid tutors.

We had decided when Bootcamp was originally conceived to keep it value for money for our fellow wargamers and to be as informative as possable and fun and so we kept it at £3.00 each.

They then went on to learn about attacking and defending showing them as many different things they have come up against them whilst playing FoG (they play ALOT of FoG).Whilst this was going on there were oohs and aahhhs and questions which our trainers answered knowledgably and with not one hint of tweed or a pipe to point with. Bacon sandwiches were then handed out to everyone while the Bootcamp continued with further coffee and teas to wash it down.

The second part of the Bootcamp players paired up with their own 650 pt armies or ones our tutors brought for Bootcampers to use if they had no army and went to play each other with Phil and Dave playing too with help from club member spike playing a Bootcamper too. we find that the Bootcampers can then put what they had learnt into practice and to ask the floating tutors questions as they played and to have some fun playing new people.

After the games ended all the Bootcampers found they had learnt something new and had a better understanding of the rules and to bring what they learned back to their respective clubs and the tutors found it informative on how to run the next fog bootcamp and make it better for the Bootcamper in the future(now looking like a second fog Bootcamp in January).

If you would like to find out about future Bootcamps that we will be running please e-mail me paulreid28@. or tel 01204 ..........

We will be holding a flames of war bootcamp which James said he would like to be involved too as he is the current Flames of War Cobra Cup holder and our club president Mark Jones winner of the Flames of War Late War BHGS Britcon Winner this Year.

So some very good tutors for the FoW bootcamp. I would like to thank the bootcampers for coming and to James Hamilton, Phil Powell, Dave Ruddock and to Spike for being such good tutors and to my Mrs Annette for the catering for Bootcamp.