Flames of Warlord 2009/10 Rules

1. The Flames of Warlord 2009/10 league (the league) is for the promotion of the sporting,
widespread and competitive pursuit of version 2 Flames of War at MAWS, and will
determine who is the Flames of Warlord 2009/10.

2. The interpretation of the league rules is to be taken as in European, not British
law: i.e. if a dispute arises the intention of the rules, rather than their
specific wording, shall be taken into account by the members. Members of the
league shall resolve any dispute or proposed rule change.

3. The league is open to all MAWS members who play Flames of War, whether on Monday
or Sunday sessions at the club.

4. Any scale can be accommodated, with 15mm being the reference scale, and other
scales accommodated by use of 'large' or 'small' inches by agreement of the
players. Infantry bases will be pro-rata size to normal bases (i.e. 1/285 or
1/300 half size, 20mm 1 and a third size).

5. League players are not restricted to use of one army during the league season.

6. Scenarios for league games will be determined by mutual agreement of the players
involved, and can either be free-standing or part of a campaign.

7. All games at the club count unless one or both players decide beforehand not to
play it as a competition game.

8. League results will be expressed on the formula: 3 points for a win, one point
for a draw (i.e. neither side 'wins by objective' in either Encounter or Free
for All, or a draw is agreed upon by both players), no points for a lost game.
Results should be forwarded to the league secretary (Dave Ruddock) via the MAWS
list, in person  ASAP, thank you, to be added to the
league table, regularly published via the MAWS list and at Emlyn Hall as per
this example: Jeff Daniels (Italian Armour) beat Russell King

9. Order of the league table will be determined by a points average, which is a
players' aggregate total score divided by whichever is highest of

a. 4 games or

b. the total number of games played by a player.

10. Axis vs Allies performance on a % won basis will be published regularly by
the league secretary.

11. The league season will last from Monday 3rd August 2009 to the April 2010
AGM, with a mid season break from Tuesday 1st December 2009 to Sunday 17th January
2010. The mid-season break will accommodate an FA Cup-style knock-out
tournament, the opening draw for which will be made at 7.30p.m. on Monday 7th
December from those players declaring their intention to play in the knock-out
competition to the league secretary before that date.

12. The top three league players at April 2008 AGM will play off on a knock out
basis for the trophy, with 4th place being awarded to the knock-out
competition winner, unless that player achieves a higher place in the league
ranking: in this latter case, 4th place in the play-offs will go the
fourth placed league player: the play offs are to be completed by 31 July 2009.

13. The semi-final draw for the league play offs will be determined by the final
league places: 1st place will play the knock out winner or 4th place as per
paragraph 12, and 2nd place will play 3rd place - the semi final and final will
be 'refereed games'.

Best of luck. I'll write out with an open invitation to the knock-out competition in November. In the meanwhile, keep those results coming.....


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