FOW Tournament Sunday 29th October 2006


The tournament was be run by The Gaming Crypt with help from MAWS 
It was over 4 games, the Rules were Flames of War V2 and the list were the two mid war books Ostfront and Afrika
 2 games were at 750pts and 2 games were 1250pts. 
The 750pt games was played on 4 x 4 tables with the winner of a dice roll  of choosing which 4 x 4 section to play on.
The missions were:-  Free for all  and  Hasty Attack for the 750pt games. (see FOW website  
Hold the Line and  Breakthrough for the 1250pt games.  
Games 1 & 4 will be 750pts and 2 & 3 1250pts.
Thanks to Jason from  
The Gaming Crypt
44 Greenwood Street 
Altrincham Cheshire,
WA14 1RZ United Kingdom
Phone: 0161 929 9919

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