Stockport Pick and Mix 13/14th December 2014

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StockportPick and Mix 13/14thDecember 2014


Venue: North West Gaming Centre

1st Floor,

Hallam Business Centre,

Hallam Street,


Date: 13th and/or 14th of December
Format: Two one day three game tournaments.

Prizes for the winners each day and a prize for the overall winner for the weekend
Timetable: 9:00-9:30 registration,

9:30-12:00 game 1,

12:45-15:15 game 2,

15:30-18:00 game 3
Entry cost: £10 per person per day, juniors free

FoG: 15mm Renaissance - one or both days depending on entries

FoG: 15mm Ancients - Both days Saturday, any army up to 1000AD, Sunday any army from 500AD, 650 points, 5' by 3' tables

DBMM: 15mm Ancients - 240 points - 4 by 3 tables, themes:-

                Saturdays Theme "Battle of Talas 751AD"

                any army whose dates fall between and includes 731AD to 771AD

                Sundays Theme "Doomsday 1086AD"

                any army whose dates fall between and includes 1066AD to 1096AD

Flames of War: 1500 points,

                Saturday 1500 points early war,

                Sunday 1500 points late war

FoG: 25mm Ancients - 650 points, 6' by 3' tables

SAGA and Bolt Action could also be included but depend on sufficient entries.

Entries and enquiries to me hammy(at)the-riverbank(dot)net or hammy(at)periscopelive(dot)com
lists to me at least a week before the event please, payment on the day