The Warlord Trophy

DBMM Warlord Trophy 2015 Rules

Warlord 2015 DBMM 2.0
(1) Each player to chose and then use the same army, picked from 501BC to 101AD
dates, throughout the competition.
(2) Players pick 500 points from their chosen army list to be used though out the
competition and can chose 400 points from this list for their league games (except for
the final which is all the 500pt list). This will allow slight adjustment of forces for
each opponent. Lists to be submitted at the time of payment of the competition fees.
(3) Table size 6' x 4', game are ended by standard whistle stop after 3 1/2 hours.
(4) You may play an opponent up to twice, with results using standard DBMM
scoring being added to a league table. The top two play each other in the final.
(5) To help determine the overall winner of the original Warlord Trophy from the
Three periods, each game (including the final) will be worth points:
16 or better win, 3 points.
10-15 draw, 2 points.
2-9 loss, 1 point.
0-1 loss, 0 points.
(6) The final will be all 500 points on a 8 x 4 table and up to four hours to play (with a
short break in the middle and the standard whistle stop end).
(7) Entrants to the competition is £5 per competition and first prize will be a 100-
piece 15mm painted and based army from event sponsor Lancashire Games, with a
trophy for first & second places.
(8) The results of a each game should be given to the DBMM organiser and should
include each players names, there armies and points scored results. Results can be
given in person or emailed to Geoff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the
MAWSlist Yahoo or MAWS Facebook groups.
(9) An up-to-date version of the running total of game results and scores will be
posted on the MAWS website regular intervals (
(10) Games to be played from Sunday of 3rd of May 2015 till the end of September
2015 at MAWS. The Final to be a played between the top two scoring player on a
club Sunday in October or November 2015.

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