The Warlord Trophy

FOG-AM Warlord Trophy 2015 Rules

The exact format of the competition, which will hopefully start in May, will depend on the number of entrants but will follow the these outlines:
First prize will be a 100-piece 15mm painted and based army from event sponsor Lancashire Games, with a trophy for first & second places.
The competition will be run on a league/group basis with the top two/four finishers playing off in semi finals and/or a final. For example, with up to six players, each player will play the others once. With seven or more players we may split the players into two groups.
All games to be played at MAWS on regular Mondays or Sunday meetings, or any venue mutually agreed between the players.
Each player will choose one army, from the Immortal Fire & Rise of Rome army books, dating from 500 BC to 14 AD, to be used throughout the competition. Permitted allies can be chosen from other books providing they meet the stated timescale.
Players pick 1,000 points of troops from their list and can use any 800 points from this per game (except for the final). This will allow slight adjustment of forces for each opponent. The 1,000 points list to be sent to the army list checker before the competition begins. The 800 points used in each league/group game must be printed off and handed to the opposing player after deployment. If any errors are subsequently discovered the organizers will decide on an appropriate action/outcome.
Table size 6' x 4' with four hours per game, with a short break in the middle, if there is time. At the end of the four hours, roll a single die to give the number of phases to complete to the end. For example, if a three is rolled after the four hours, finish the current phase and complete two more.
The final will be 1,000 points, 8’ x 4’ table and of five fours play (again, with a short break in the middle, and 'phase' die roll at the end). This will take place on a grand finals day at MAWS, with trade stands, etc. (bring & buy?), in attendance.
To help determine the overall winner of the original Warlord Trophy from the three periods  (DBMM, FOG-AM and FOW), each game (including the final) will be worth points: A 13 or better win, 3 points; a 7-12 'draw', 2 points; 2-6 loss, 1 point and a 0-1 loss, 0 points. The overall winner will be the player with the highest average score. If tied, the highest scoring players will share the trophy.
The MAWS’ committee reserve the right to change these rules at any time. The MAWS’ committee decision on any matter is final.
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