The Warlord Trophy

The Warlord Trophy 2001


 The draw for the Warlords Trophy took place at the club last night.
There are nine players and so two players (guess who?) would have to
play in the Preliminary Round. The services of MAWS President were
called upon for the draw and he duly drew the names of Chris Norwood and
Geoff Pearson to play in the preliminary round (doh)!
The full draw is as follows:-


Preliminary Round
Chris Norwood (Carolingian) v Geoff Pearson (Early Samurai)
First Round
Chris or Geoff (probably Geoff) v Brian Pierpoint (Scots Isles & Highlands)
Steve Sykes (Georgian) v Mark Muslek (Successors?)
James Hamilton (Patrician) v Alan Montgomery (Medieval German)
Dan Ibekwe (Early Byzantine) v Tim Watts (Han Chinese)

I have uploaded the tournament rules to the Yahoo Groups web site but I
will also send these out participants directly. Essentially, you play
one game with your army and then a second game using your opponent's
army. You should record the result of both games (in full) on the BHGS
score sheet that can be downloaded from their web site. This will help
us to determine the winner in the unlikely event of a tie after two

I will pass on contact details to you all in due course, but there is
need for anyone (except Brian) to wait for the preliminary round and you
can all get-on with your own games straight away. Ideally all First
Round games should be completed by 3rd July 2001.

Any queries contact me at norwoodchris@......


Hammy and Alan have played their two games with the first going 31-1 to
Hammy and the second 18-14 to Alan.

This puts Hammy, Tim and Steve in the semi-finals, but who will join

I'll try to find out what armies people intend to use next time so that
we can do the draw on Monday.


The draw for the Warlord trophy Semi-finals were made this evening:-

Steve Sykes (Georgian) Vs Brian Pierpoint (Patrician Roman)
James Hamilton (Mithridatic) Vs Tim Watts (Alans)

As before you use your own army and list for Game 1 and then swap for
Game 2. It would be great if both games could be played by 22nd August.
Happy gaming.

Hi All,
Hammy and I played the first leg of our DBM semi-final in the Warlord
>Competition on Monday. The affair began with some mystical jiggory pokery
>from the Alan sages (played by me) who managed to trick the invading >Mithridatic forces (played by Hammy) into deplying first - oops, an honest
>mistake Hammy.
> >With the correct deployment adhered to, the Alan knights found themselves
>out deployed facing a plethora of Mithridatic pike and bow. Thier general,
>out-thought, hastily tried to redeploy but only with mixed success and the
>Mithridatic forces bore down on the light horse to the flank of the knights,
>having effectively neutralized their support.
> >Result, 7-3 to Hammy. We await the return match.
> >Tim
The return match took place on Monday and the Alans revenged their earlier defeat. The game was nearly a 5-5 draw as both armies are very resillient.
Tim (using the Mithradatics) had a reasonable chance to break the small Alan command (4 elements) but failed. I managed to kill the Mithradatic CinC
but his command stood and fought despite reasonable losses before the death of their leader (4.5 EE's dead including the CinC) and the auxiliaries left to hold the flank of the pontic army managed to beat off repeated attacks from Alan Kn (4 Ax(O) on a hill killed 5 Kn) their glourious stand eventually ended after the death of the CinC allowed the remaining Alan nobles to charge their open flank.
The final result a 7-3 win for me so 14-6 on agregate.
Yours Hammy

The final of the Warlord DBM competition will be played on the 4th November.

Will the Mithradatics prove a match for the evil Patricians of Brians?
Who will do best in the return match?
Is my cunning plan of using a silly army going to pay off?

Turn up on Sunday and jeer if you want.


James 'Hammy' Hamilton

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