The Warlord Trophy

The Warlord Trophy Final 1994

MAWS For Thought

Issue 10 May 94
The Warlord Trophy Final 1994

By Mark Jones


The Quest for the Warlord Trophy, which has not been contested for at least 12 years, continues. The semi-final contestants were Dan Ibekwe, Frank Jackson, Chris Johnston and Geoff Pearson.


Dan Bactrian Greek 4 - 1 Geoff Bactrian Greek

Frank Marian Roman 4 - 2 Chris English War/Roses

The surprise of the semi's was the ease with which Dan beat Geoff, although luck can play a major factor in DBA games. Chris was also unlucky to lose to Frank and nearly staged a dramatic comeback after early losses. Thus the two finalists were Dan Ibekwe playing Bactrian Greek and Frank Jackson playing Marian Roman. Note that Frank's army was not either Camillan or Late Imperial Rome as incorrectly stated in the previous issue of this newsletter. I would shoot the reporter except I was at fault. Oops! Neil Morris

The Final

The following account of the battle comes from Marcus Octaviannus, the general commanding the Roman Legion.

'As the early morning mist began to clear I ordered the legion to deploy with the cavalry on my left flank and the legionaries in a solid line across the centre of the battle field. In the distance I could see the Greek forces arrange themselves for battle. In the centre was the fearsome pike phalanx, to protect

his left flank he placed a skirmishing force of light infantry and light cavalry. Looking to my right I felt the first inkling of fear. Through the dust I began to make out the huge forms of elephants as they formed up next to the pikemen.

I ordered a general advance all along the line. In response the Greek army began its own ponderous advance. As the distance between the two armies lessened the ground began to shake with the impact of the feet of the advancing army. Suddenly the Greek line stopped, as bowmen hidden behind the army ran forward to occupy the woods next to the elephants. At the same time his light troops split off from the rest of his army and began a skirmishing action against my right flank. I ordered the cavalry to advance but they were repulsed by the bowmen and elephants without causing significant casualties. Destiny awaited as I ordered the trumpets to sound and the legionaries advanced. Through the dust I saw the javelins strike home all along the Greek line, then with a thunderous clash the legionaries struck the elephants and pike phalanx. The next few minutes were filled with the screams of dying men and animals, victory was assured for who or what could withstand the charge of a Roman legion. Suddenly instead of sweet victory my mouth filled with bitter ashes, as first the elephants and then the pike phalanx broke through the ordered ranks of legionaries. As they advanced the unthinkable happened, the rest of the legion wavered and then broke like rotten wood. The legion was shattered and ran from the battlefield leaving the Greek army to celebrate a glorious

victory. Instead of a triumphant parade through Rome's streets, I would be lucky to avoid execution as a traitor. Such are the fortunes of war.'

Thus ends the final entry in the diary of Marcus Octaviannus.

My congratulations to Dan for a most impressive victory and to Frank for reaching this years final. A big thanks to Neil (M) and Neil (Mc) for organising the competition and to everybody else who took part and made it so successful. I look forward to next years competition.

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