On the 18th March 1973 Phil Stansfield and Chris Tofalos faced each other in the final of the Warlord Trophy. A well-matched pair, both very keen and cunning with lots of tricks up their sleeves. Because of the terrain it looked like a defensive game.

So both put light troops on the hills, stood still and fired. Chris had on unit of extra heavy cavalry on his hill which soon moved off.


20 extra heavy cavalry 1 15 super heavy cavalry with kontos A
15 light cavalry with bows 2 14 extra heavy cavalry with kontos B
43 foot archers 3 14 heavy cavalry with kontos C
21 spear & javelin armed peltasts 4 12 light cavalry with javelins D
25 romph & javelin armed peltasts 5 5 light camels with javelins E
16 light cavalry with bows 6 20 light/med infantry with javelins F
11 light cavalry with javelins 7 1 mule with fire missiles G
  24 light INFANTRY archers H
  20 med infantry with spears J

Move 1

It was an all cavalry battle without any foot soldiers coming into contact. From the very start Phil attacked with his cavalry units and Chris with his extra heavy cavalry. Phil's cavalry were halted by a reaction test upon sighting Chris who's units carried on with orders.

Move 2

Phil changed orders for his light javelin cavalry and light cavalry archers, ordering them forward. Firing on Chris's foot archers resulted in their uncontrolled advance. All other cavalry moved forward.

Move 3

Chris's uncontrolled archers are shot by the cavalry archers who kill 40 figures (2 men)

Move 4

Phil's heavy cavalry move up the left flank, light cavalry fire and retire killing 4 archers on the hill.

Chris moved his light cavalry forward on the right flank to chase the (now retired) light cavalry archers, his extra heavy cavalry moved to the right flank to take on Phil's heavy cavalry. Chris's archers passed a morale test.

Move 5

Chris meleed his light javelin cavalry and super heavy cavalry on Phil's extra heavy cavalry. Phil won the melee and the light cavalry routed off the table. The super heavy cavalry were pushed back.

Move 6

Phil's light cavalry archers, supported by his extra heavy cavalry melee Chris's extra heavy cavalry and win pushing Chris back again.

Move 7

Up to now Phil had been very much on top with the dice running for him, but Chris's luck had to change and he began to throw good dice causing Phil's cavalry archers to retire and his heavy cavalry to rout back. Chris's attack on the rear of the cavalry bring their losses to 27 and 15 cavalry archers.

Move 8

All is over as Chris follows up with his heavy cavalry and extra heavy cavalry. And the time was 4.30, ending the game as agreed.

The final losses were Chris 179pts and Phil 359pts (having his heavy cavalry in rout at the time)

To sum up Chris played, I think, defensively, while Phil went out to get him. Chris was bogged down on his own lines and could not move freely, and lost the initial melees. Things turned against Phil when, in the melee on the left flank, he saw Chris's camels and super heavy cavalry coming and put his light javelin cavalry into column to avoid them, allowing what remained of Chris's archers to fire on them from the hill and inflict heavy casualties - 37 in fact.

Phil Barker umpired and gave advice freely to who-so-ever should require it, he also presented the trophy. Jeff Wilde came 3rd and A Smith was 4th.

Thanks to all for making this, our first trophy, a success and better luck to all next time.


WRG Ancients rules used (3rd Ed?).

All casualties calculated in men where 1 figure equals 20 men.

The article in the newsletter was unattributed - although I guess it was E. J. Ossaway, the newsletter editor at that time.