Fifth round played at
Manchester Area Wargames Society's Club Hall in the Eccles, Manchester

The fifth round of the Northern Doubles League (DBMM/FOG/FOG-R) was played on the Sunday 5th November 2017 in Manchester with 28 players taking part in the competition, we hope you all had a fun days gaming. We would like also to thank the EMHGS the use of there club.

Can teams please supply there army list 15 days before the 1st round next year in Leeds. (Can players please include on your list your army class, total BG/ME's also please put both Players Names! on your list thanks)
Bob Amey, Geoff Pearson and Kevin Johnson


2nd Roger Greenwood

1st Keith Nathan & Thom Richardson 

3rd Edward Bailey &Sagar Kumaraswamy


3rd Kevin Johnson

1st Andy Martin 2nd Dave Wengraf