First round played at

The New Headingley Club, Leeds

The first round of the Northern League Doubles was played on the Sunday 24th of March 2019,in Leeds with 30 players took part in the competition, we hope you all had a fun days gaming. We would like also to thank the Leeds club  organisers for all the help to make is a great day.

Can teams please supply there army list 15 days before the next round. (Can players please include on your list army class total BG/ME's and C-in-C are in also please put both Players Names! on your list)

Geoff Pearson and Kevin Johnson

DBMM 3rd 
 Andy Parkin
DBMM 1st 
Tim Kohler
DBMM 2nd 
John Fletcher &
Steve Mills

ADLG 3rd
Rob Taylor
ADLG 1st
Andy Martin
ADLG 2nd
Kevin Johnson