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Wargaming Clubs
Manchester Area Wargames Society Manchester Area Wargames Society
My other site with the Northern DBM Doubles League detail and lots more
 Mailed Fist Wargames Group Mailed Fist Wargames Group
Another of my sites lots more to be put on this site soon
Halifax Wargames Society
Lokomotiv Leeds
Macclesfield Wargames Club Who run Macclesfield Manoeuvres with Hordes of the Things and Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournaments.
Milton Keynes Wargames SocietyVery Good new site by Ian Stewart lots of show reports.Lots of Club stuff and good ideas.
Humberside Wargames Society by Tony Barr, very good site with there Antiquity Campaign pages run by Tony Barr using PBM Umpire.
Wargames Association of Reading Very good club, run a very good show each year 'Warfare' I enjoyed my time as a member there.
Burnley and Pendle Wargames Club New site still being worked on (Me, Peter,Simon and Ian play lots of DBM/R)
Liverpool Wargames Association Good Club I was a member in the 1970's and 80's. New site still being worked on.
Manchester Board Wargamers Nice site, Lots of news and info on Board games
Stockport Area Gaming Association
Omega Openshaw
Ilford Wargames Group A nice new site will have lots of good stuff in the future
Newark IrregularsWell established site by David Baldwin. with news letter and info on there shows Partizan and the other Partizan
Dispatches Wrexham & District Wargames Club Home Page lots of rules and army lists good ideas site.
Garde du Corps New Zealand site, lots of Volley and bayonet stuff good info site
Wargamers Ring Sites Over 200 Linked Wargames Sites.(also see our home page)
Victoria Gamers US site Texas it looks and sounds good !
October Wargames Club
St Helens A good club who run the Phalanx show
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Where to buy from

Veni Vidi Vici Our localy UK based supplier of very good transfers with large range of for 25mm and 15mm transfers for wargamers figures.

1st Corps
Now Burnley based, Nice Site and figures..

Amazon Miniatures 25mm Multi-part historical miniatures, originally created and sold by QT, latterly Sabre Miniatures and now exclusively manufactured by Amazon Miniatures. Based in Manchester UK Amazons new Website is very good it's still being worked on a large range that is set to increse. 10% off for S of A members and MAWS members as well.
They a great bunch of guys and are always willing to talk about new figures for their range.

Lancashire GamesOur localy UK based supplier of very nice 15mm and 25mm figures.My 15mm Samurai are from them. A very friendly bunch, new but well set out site.
TWIN SUNS Accrington's Local wargames/model shop if naz can't get it for you can't be got!

ESSEX MINIATURES Ranges and ordering information listed at this point. Site getting bigger and bigger.
Hovels Longstanding resin building manufacturer. A nice new web site launched last February with lots of pics of there nice buildings.
Games Workshop Warhammer.
Peter Pig UK supplies of figure including our pirates for the Jolly Roger game.Very nice figures.
Brookhurst Hobbies
Chariot Miniatures15mm
Gladiator Miniatures
Gripping Beast
Osprey Books The best books for wargaming
The Foundry25mm
The Guardroom
GHQ Models 1/300th Tanks plus ships
Harlequin Miniatures Home Page
Museum Miniatures
RalPartha,Rank & File Fantasy Miniatures 15mm Scale
Avalon Hill
Oceanic Union Stargrunt Miniatures
AB Figures
Ground Zero Games
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Info Sites
The Stronghold Hordes of the Things nice site.
De Bellis Homepagius The best site for DBA/DBM/DBR by Ed Allen. Also home of the DBx list where gamers can exchange views and ideas.
De Bellis Antiquitatis Resource Page Chris Brantley's DBA resource page an unofficial "appreciation" page designed to promote DBA and provide resources for DBA players. Very good site lots of info list's etc.
De Bellis Multitudinis NWA Page Very Good site with the DBM Tactics & Drill pages if you play DBM you MUST vist this site.
Miniature Wargames Mag
Fistful of Games Website
Horse and Musket Wargaming Another site by Ed Allen, lots of maps, drawings and info.
The official Warhammer Ancients Page Lots of Army list and update on the rules (New site still being worked on)

Clik for Wargames Forum Website

  • Wargames Forum - A UK based source of info. for the wargamer. Has a large list of Wargames Clubs.
  • Clik for AncientSite
  • Ancient Sites Cyberspace City where you can live!in and visit ancient cities visit me at my home in ancient Athens where I'm called Jefus Leonidas

  • Flaghome Flags to down load and print out. Very good site lots of flags from Wars of the Roses to WW2.
    Fire and Fury
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    Player Sites
    Richard Bodley Scott's Page Co-author of the DBA, DBM & DBR Rules and army lists, Update to the listed and rules can be found on these pages.
    DBF - Hear There be Dragons Homepage of the DBM rules supplement. Lots of good stuff with new rules and new army lists if you play DBF you must see this site.
    Nik Gaukroger's DBx PageVery nice site by Nik lots of battle reports and DBM/R army info
    www.endoftime.mcmail.com/ Big Chris Johnston's PageAn old friend of mine,he runs a very nice Near Future SF Campaign
    You and Whose Army? A nice Warhammer and WAB site from Paul one of our club members worth a look if your in to Warhammer a very smooth well done site.
    DBM Home Page (Australia)by Maddog of DBM E-mail list fame
    Bob Nedwich's Ancients Web Site Very good site battle reports etc
    Flintloque Filbanto Stew
    Loque, Stoque and Barrelle Flintloque site by Tommy Boyd
    Tanelorn A wargaming site by Conrad Gonslaves, pages devoted to Warhammer, Necromunda and Flintloque.
    Heretic's Miniature Gaming Site Has Flintloque Digests and other stuff on.
    Weird Wars Page Site by Danny O'Hara with Dreadloque page and Flintloque pages.
    Mars Magazine Check out the Ursa Major web site for Flintloque and other popular miniature gaming systems.!
    Cygnus Eclipsers' Stargrunt II Site Lots of cool photos

    Unofficial Stargrunt 11 Site Good site with lost of new rules and Scenarios

    Andy Cowell's Stargrunt II Page
    Deathskulls Stargrunt II Page
    Stuart Murray's Little Soldiers Stargrunt II Page
    United States Colonial Marine Corp Stargrunt II Page
    Unofficial Full Thrust Web Site
    Andy Cowell's Dirtside II Page
    Dirtside Delirium
    The Heliograph Unofficial Space 1889 Site
    Mycenius's Spearhead Webpage
    Wargames Developments
    T.FMills - Military,Flag,Heraldry Links
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    Societie Sites
    The Society of AncientsThis society promots the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming upto 1500 AD.This is an upgraded site which is being develaped as a socre for study for the period, the new site with 100 Megabites of space and will become a must for all DBM/ Ancient wargames. The Society journal Slingshot is published bi-monthly.
    British Historical Games Society (BHGS) The site for Wargames competitions in the UK. They collatet results to form the grading/ranking system of players for ancient and ACW wargaming. The Natinal's details are on this site
    The Society of 20th Centry Wargames
    The Napoleonic Association Provide an organization to make information available on the Napoleonic period of a wargaming nature.Reanactments are a large part of the organizations activatis with regiments all over the UK.
    The Seven Year War Association Has information available of an historical and wargame nature about the Seven Years War and most of the 18th Century (1733 to 1766)warfair.
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    History Sites
    Ships of the Ancient Greeks- An Annotated List
    The Official Sharp Web Site
    The Royal Armouries London and Leeds
    Byzantium The Byzantine Studies Page
    The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
    Late Antiquity Atlas
    The Museum of Antiquities
    Central Asia
    The Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads
    The Bayeux Tapestry
    Channel 4 Timeteam Very good history site.
    Waterloo a Near Run Thing
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